For Students

Campus Initiatives

Diversity Action Plan: San Jose State is committed to a series of goals to help foster a campus environment that is open and welcoming to a diverse population.

Campus Climate Survey: The 2015 survey polled San Jose State students, faculty, staff and administrators about perceptions of the campus environment. The results are used to inform policies and track progress toward the university's goals of embracing diversity and providing a welcoming, vibrant academic community. Surveys were also conducted in 2010 and 2006.

Student Success Plan: The university has launched a data-driven, campus-wide strategy with one goal: to significantly increase retention and graduation rates, while improving the quality of the educational experience for all students. The Student Success Plan is articulated in "Four Pillars of Student Success: College Readiness, Advising, Student Engagement and Clearing Bottlenecks."

Outreach and Recruitment: San Jose State is committed to improving college access and graduation in underserved communities. The university has developed initiatives that support its mission of advancing student learning for a lifetime, supporting students in achieving their full potential, and promoting an inclusive learning environment.


Student Organizations and Engagement: With nearly 400 student organizations at San Jose State, getting involved is the best way to connect with campus life.

Accessible Education Center: Provides students and employees with accommodations and services.

Gender Equity Center: Support, programming and outreach for women and feminist students. 

MOSAIC Cross Cultural Center: Supports and advocates for students from historically underrepresented identity groups.  

Non-discrimination Policies: University catalog policies on non-discrimination as well as campus statements on diversity-related issues.

PRIDE Center: Supports LGBTIQQA (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Intersex, Queer, Questioning, Ally) students.

Student Counseling Services

Student Health Center 

Student success: On-campus resources for students.

Unisex/Family Friendly Restroom Map: Where to find gender neutral bathrooms on campus.


Concerning Behavior Referral Form: The Behavioral Intervention Team (BIT) provides guidance, care and assistance to students and employees who are experiencing crisis, displaying odd or unusual behaviors, or engaging in other behaviors that may be perceived as being harmful (either to the student or employee individually, or to others). 

Crime Reporting: How to report crimes on campus to the University Police Department.

Office for Equal Opportunity: Facilitates the university's diversity efforts, investigates and resolves complaints of discrimination and harassment, provides training and consultation, and ensures adherence to compliance requirements.

Reporting Hate Crimes and Hate Incidents: Definition and relevant policies for hate crime and hate incidents as well as information on how to report them.

Student Discrimination and Harassment Complaints: Explanation of relevant California State University policies and the reporting process for students to file a discrimination or harassment complaint.

University Ombudsperson: Advocate for procedural fairness who supports the integrity of campus policies and procedures. The ombudsperson provides a neutral, confidential and informal place to discuss a concern with the assurance that no action will be taken, without consent.